10 Ways to Make Money Online
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10 Ways to Make Money Online
10 Ways to make money online

Are you a student, tired of your 9-5 job, or a stay at home more, or do you just need a side hustle for support? Whatever the situation is, I'm here to give you tips on how to make money online. And yes you can make money online, in this article I have compiled a list of tips on how to make money online. By following some of these you will see yourself earning from the comfort of your home.


1) Freelancing: Monetize Your Skill

Freelancing is a form of employment, As the name implies you are free to work with everyone and anyone at any time, you are not bound to work for just one person or organisation. You can work different jobs simultaneously as well. It could either be short-term or long-term. What is needed is your skills and experience to provide services to customers.

A freelancer is someone who is an independent worker who earns money per job being done. They can work for different clients or organisations simultaneously and get paid. 

Here are some freelancing skills

Writing Proficiency

  • Content Creation
  • Technical Writing
  • Ghost Writing 

Design and Multimedia:

  • Graphics 
  • Web Designing
  • Illustration 

Programming and Development:

  • Web Development 
  • Mobile App Development 
  • Software Development 

Digital Marketing:

  • Social Media Management 
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Email Marketing 

List of freelancing platforms to make money on


2 Online Survey: Share your thoughts and earn rewards

Online is a form of data collection tool through questionnaires, these could be questions about any niche, topic, happenings or virtually anything. With this questionnaire, you are asked for your opinion on any topic and you will be paid. 

List of Online Survey Platforms you can make money on


Online surveys accessible and visible because of the following reason

  1. It is open to participants from all over the world to share their opinions 
  2. You can use any device for this; Laptop, Desktop or Mobile Phone
  3. It is available always, any time any day in all geographical locations.
  4. It provides clear instructions to the participants 
  5. Anonymous participation, you can give your opinion and this encourages honest and candid answers.

3)  Remote Work: Embrace Virtual Employment 

A Remote Job is when employees do their job outside the location of the organisation of the company.

The reason why remote jobs are on the rise now is for the following reasons; flexibility, productivity and mob satisfaction, cost savings for employees, technological infrastructure and the like.


Sites that connect remote workers with employers


4 E-Commerce: From Home to Marketplace 

E-commerce in simple terms is the buying and selling of goods and services on the Internet.

We can earn morning by selling products like books, toys, Pet supplies, sporting goods, and clothes, the list is endless or  on platforms like;


5 Affiliate Marketing: Turn Recommendation into income

Affiliate Marketing is when an individual or a business promotes merchant services for people to purchase and they will get paid by commission from the people who purchased. This is a passive way you can make money, you act as a middleman between the buyer and the seller. You just have to convince people to buy the products and the packaging, shipping and delivery are handled by the company.


Platforms that offer Affiliate Programs 


6 Online Tutoring: Teach And Earn

If you are an expert in a field or more fields, there will always be a demand for you. Students, People who want to specialise in the field, and people already in the field, all seek to acquire knowledge or more knowledge, hence if you are an expert in your field. You will be paid to tutor them.

Platforms connecting tutors and students globally


7 Stock Photography: Capture and Monetize


Capture images and sell them to stock photography so you can earn money. What you have to do is Sign up for the websites below, review submission guidelines, upload high-quality images, add keywords and description and submit for review. When it is approved it is available for purchase, and then you earn through royalties. A percentage is given to you when someone purchases your pictures.

You can sell your photos to stock photography like;


8 Digital Products: Monetize Your Creations

You can earn by creating and selling your creations on the internet. Creations like Ebooks, or Digital Art. For your Ebook, you can write about any topic of your choice, something that will be marketable and put it for sale.


Platforms and Tools for Selling Digital Products Are as Follows;


9 Online Courses: Share Your Knowledge 

In recent years, technological progress, increasing access to the Internet and growing demand for flexible and accessible education have driven substantial growth in the online course market.

Platforms Where You Can Sell Your Courses


10 CryptoCurrency and Investing: Grow Your Wealth Online 

Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrencies are digital or virtual currencies that use cryptography for security. It operates on decentralised networks based on blockchain technology, enabling secure and transparent peer-to-peer transactions without the need for intermediaries like banks.


Investing: Investment involves allocating resources and usually money, with expectations of generating returns over time. In financial markets, it often refers to the purchase of assets such as shares, bonds or cryptocurrencies which aim at maximising capital appreciation, dividends and interest income. Careful analysis, risk management and a longer-term perspective are needed to succeed in investing.

Beginner-Friendly Platforms to Get Started With



Stock Market Investing


All these tips are ways to earn money either as a main source of income or as a side hustle, wherever you are in the comfort of your home.