Wackos posting on here

Ok, some wacko Democrat who is friends with Shayna Englin (wife of David Englin) is posting on here taunting me because my good friend Greg Werkheiser lost November 8th. I’ve also got a Shayna detractor posting attacks. Very mature, but not as entertaining as it could be! I hate to do this, because I don’t even want to write about this, but here you go: The person’s main claim is that Shayna Englin personally won the following races: 1. David Marsden over Michael Golden 2. David Poisson over Dick Black 3. David Bulova over John Mason I spoke to some friends who worked hard in these races, and one laughed so hard that she was forced to put down the phone. The Englins ran a bit of phone banking and lent a few volunteers to campaigns. That’s basically all they did. It’s unlikely that it had more than a minimal effect on any of these races. In fact, Werkheiser had more than enough volunteers and probably saturated his district with voter contact anyway. The second claim of this crazy person is that Greg Werkheiser “blew” his election. This is so laughable that I don’t know where to start. Ask any Dave Albo fan (and there are plenty of him out there, he’s a pretty nice guy) what they think about this claim, and you’ll find that Dave Albo started 25 points up with an approval rating above 60%! He’s a very very popular incumbent, and it was probably crazy to challenge him in the first place! The wacko who is posting on here doesn’t seem to understand the difference between far-right Dick Black who has huge negatives and Dave Albo who has a moderate home town image – or between an open seat and an incumbent, for that matter. PS: I put up this thread for Werkheiser promoters and Shayna promoters to duke it out (without personal attacks on Shayna or anyone else, which I have deleted from other threads). Please stay out of the rest of my threads, or you will be deleted.