Tom Davis Fan Club chimes in on Metro West proposal

I found this Too Conservative post hilarious:

Don’t New York Fairfax Heard the slogan don’t Fairfax Loudoun? How about don’t New York Fairfax. The plan to build the Fairlee/Metro West mini-city is continuing on its path to passage, as an editorial in the Examiner discusses. Chairman Gerry Connolly, and Lee Supervisor Dana Kauffman have voiced support , but formal talks will not come until February 8th.

Clearly they’re carrying water for Tom Davis here… But who is Tom Davis carrying water for? The answer: himself! Last April, Davis used his powerful Congressional position to “intervene in a contentious local issue by proposing legislation to scale back a massive development planned next to the Vienna Metro station, a project he acknowledges is near his own neighborhood.” [Washington Post]. Dense development within walking distance of a Metro station? Encouraging people to walk to and from a pedestrian means of transit? That would make too much sense. Not in Tom Davis’ Back Yard! Even more amusing is the DC Examiner’s argument against dense development within walking distance of a Metro Station:

For many longtime residents, Fairfax County’s leafy suburban streets – located just 16 miles from Washington, D.C. – offer welcome respite from city crowds and urban grit. But that may soon be changing dramatically. Economic and demographic pressures are threatening to transform parts of the county into high-density mini-cities almost right before their eyes.

An editorial about density that mentions demographic pressures? What could they be alluding to? I’ll let my clever readers think that one through…