Remember “Conservative” Alex McMurtrie?

Bacons Transportation Blog has an update on Route 288, which cut straight through Watkins Nursery, tragically forcing Senator John Watkins (R-Chesterfield/Powhattan) to sell his land to developers. A tear comes to my eye every time I think of this story. Speaking of which, does anyone remember “Conservative Alex McMurtrie”, the self-financed candidate who challenged Watkins as an independent in ’99? He outraised Watkins by 300k but still lost by 40%. He ran tons of ads accusing Watkins of using his influence to push Route 288 through Watkins Nursery. These were amusing ads. Most amusing was the fact that he constantly referred to himself as “Conservative Alex McMurtrie.” McMurtrie was a lifelong Democrat, outspoken radio host, and a former Delegate from Chesterfield County. The one thing I remember about that race, other than McMurtrie’s hilarious TV ads (he’d looked straight in the camera and called Watkins a crook) was that many of my Democratic friends refused to vote for McMurtrie because they were confused about his signs, which read “Conservative Alex McMurtrie”. A google search of “Alex McMurtrie” suggests that he’s been serving on a few boards recently. He also gave a few hundred bucks to a couple of HoD candidates last year.