Murtha, the “Unlikely Dove”?

I knew I smelled a rat! When I heard the press recently reporting breathlessly on Democratic Hawk John Murtha’s call to pull the troops out of Iraq, I wondered, “Democratic Hawk? Is there such a thing? And I’ve never heard this guy on the Christopher Hitchens Liberals for Blowing Stuff Up speaking tour…” It turns out that Murtha isn’t really a hawk. He criticized the war as early as 2002. Furthermore, he doesn’t even call to bring our troops home (as the media exclaims). He’s calling to set time tables and draw down our troops, while maintaining a presence and fighting terrorist groups in Iraq. Fighting terrorist groups? Hmmm. As Mickey Kaus points out (I sourced his post for my post), that’s eerily similar to what we’re doing right now. It’s sad when even I can see a liberal bias in the some media outlets through my democratic beer goggles.