More on Tom Davis

Look, I agree with Tom Davis on most stuff. He’s a pretty moderate guy and he seems like an decent Congressman. But when I see a blog defend the two dumbest things he’s done in the past year (sticking his nose into the Schaivo and the Vienna Metro controversies), I can’t resist myself (dumb thing #3 was the baseball hearings). In the case of Schaivo, Davis was grandstanding in order to build credit with the Republican base in Virginia for a future run for statewide office. He was doing little else…I don’t know Tom Davis, and I haven’t spoken to him on the matter, but I’m almost 99% sure that, in his heart, he didn’t favor Congressional intervention in the Schaivo case (like 80% of Americans). He raised a stink because he wanted to boost his conservative credentials. Political opportunism – and with a vegetable! You see, Tom Davis knows that he doesn’t have a chance in hell with the fire breathing Republican base downstate. So he’s making a few plays towards them through occasional crazy behavior. The only question is – what will he do next?