More GOP strife

In my effort to air as much Republican infighting as possible on this blog, here is the Phil Rodokanarkis, CFE, response to Ken Hutchinson

Dear Ken: Thank you so much for your nice and thoughtful message. Your message proved exactly what a number of conservatives said all along about you and the Kilgore campaign: You simply don’t posses the maturity or political acumen to head any campaign, never mind a statewide initiative. Perhaps, your message to me has finally opened Jerry’s eyes… You ask who cares about my columns. Well, the answer is obvious”you do! My writings couldn’t generate so much passion in anyone if they are irrelevant. If you haven’t figured out by now that email messages are not the way to vent anger, then you are more hopeless than I originally thought. Let me spell it out for you: Email messages can be easily circulated! In the future I recommend you don’t use emails to air your diatribes. If you continue, even your RINO patrons may have second thoughts about engaging your services again. ________________________ Phillip Rodokanakis President Virginia Club for Growth Email: Again, I agree with Phil. The GOP needs to purge the RINOs from their party. It just doesn’t make sense for the Republican party to have liberals running around begging for tax increases. It’s unnatural.