Message to Democrats drooling over Gilmore’s possible ’09 run for Governor

Shhh… Let’s all adopt the following talking points, and maybe this dream will come true: Talking Points: 1. “Gilmore will be a tough opponent. I don’t like the Democrats’ chances in ’09 against him.” 2. “Gilmore will unite the fissures in the VA GOP by reminding them of the 90s, when they took over GA and controlled all facets of VA Government. I fear his nomination in ’09.” 3. “Oh my god! No! ‘No Car Tax’ is an amazingly effective slogan* that, if used again would still be unstopable. I guess we should just trot out Don Beyer again.” 4. “Jim Gilmore is likeable and popular in Virginia. This will be a tough race, we’d better choose a strong candidate in ’09.” Those are some great talking points, I recommend that you repeat them. We can’t discourage our Republican friends from nominating Jim Gilmore. That would just be too good… *I once used the slogan “No Car Tax” to win a Student Council election. I can attest to it’s effectiveness.