Here it is folks: Most people are willing to say that the Presidential nomination is Hillary’s for the taking, unless an anti-Hillary candidate emerges and Democrat coalesce around this person. I’m willing to go further than that. If Hillary Clinton seeks the nomination, she CANNOT be denied it. 1. A large chunk of females in the Democratic Party support her and probably won’t consider supporting anyone else. 2. For a candidate like Hillary (huge name ID, huge popularity amongst Democrats, huge war chest) to be denied the nomination, party operatives would have to mount an anti-Hillary campaign and back another candidate. This will not happen. Why not? Because bashing Hillary would be paramount to bashing Bill Clinton, and Democratic Party operatives would never turn against Bill Clinton. If Hillary decides to run, she will run on the Bill Clinton legacy (balanced budgets, entitlement reform, peace and prosperity). Democrats will not and cannot attack that legacy.