Guest worker plan revived

Look at what Bush has in store for the lawbreakers ™

[Bush] said that an integral part of dealing with immigration is his proposal to create a guest-worker program that would grant temporary work visas to undocumented immigrants already in the country. Bush’s plan would give such workers three-year visas, renewable for an additional three years, after which they’d have to return home to apply for legal immigration. “We will not be able to effectively enforce our immigration laws until we create a temporary-worker program,” Bush said.

This is the one proposal that, quite honestly, has the potential to push Bush’s approval ratings down to zero percent (by angering the Republican base). I didn’t think it was possible for Bush to get any lower, but maybe it is. If he asserts himself and steps up to bat for this guest worker plan AND immigration becomes a big issue during the ’06 midterms, then I wouldn’t be surprised if Bush’s approval numbers hit 20-25%. How could Bush possibly be so tone deaf? Is he that far into the pockets of big business (as my far left friends often assert) that he’ll commit political suicide in an attempt to keep the supply of cheap labor flowing?