God Bless This Truthteller!

Ken Hutchinson was asked to explain the negativity of Kilgore’s campaign, and I agree with his statements 100%:

Voters are very lazy, he said. They’re uninformed because they choose to be uninformed. It’s depressing to me as someone who works in the business to see so many of our troops in Iraq dying for Iraqis to have the freedom to vote, the freedom we take for granted. ¦ It’s a very sad commentary on our society, and so I think voters take some responsibility in the campaigns for how they™ve evolved over the years.

Indeed! This is the classic chicken and the egg problem. Are voters uninterested because they’re turned off by the negativity, or are campaigns negative because it’s the only way to gain the attention of uninterested voters? I say the latter. I agree with Hutchinson. 80% of Americans don’t care about politics. They care about Trading Spouses – Meet Your New Mommy. It’s a sad state of affairs. Campaigns can’t help being negative because if you cut 30 ads with positive biography mush and 20 ads with serious policy proposals, nobody pays attention. PS: For all of you self-righteous people out there feigning shock…what percent of the people who voted Nov. 8th know what the Dillon rule is? What percent know what the House of Delegates is? What percent can name the current Lt. Governor? Stop pretending that people care about or pay attention to state politics at any more than a superficial level…because they don’t.