Dem bloggers vs GOP Bloggers

I have to say this… We don’t have enough good Virginia Democratic bloggers out there. We just don’t. Most of my daily blog reading consists of Republican blogs…there are more of them out there, they update them more often, and they interact with each other better…I’m starting to worry that this is subtly tilting my views to the right. A week ago I wondered to myself, “was that tax increase really necessary?” And just yesterday I decided to “support the troops”. See, they’re starting to brainwash me! I enjoy the few Democratic bloggers that are out there. But we don’t have enough. If you know any Democrats who want to blog about something marginally interesting (not voter fraud, please…) let me know. And to you Republicans who have found your way back here: I promise to bash liberals a minimum of twice a week if you promise to not post your typical blather to the effect of, “You’re not a Centrist, you’re obviously a far-left nut job because you don’t support Bill Bolling!!!”