Deeds is mounting a conspiracy to steal the election!

Or so say some Republican commenters, here:

The Squeaky Wheel said… That may be the case but I will say the same thing I said about Gore and Kerry… A win is a win. It is not like the Eagles are waiting for a review of the film… Even if by one single point, Dallas won. So therefore, even if McDonnell won by one single vote, it is still a win. I love when Democrats lose, they cry that there must be a mistake, but when Republicans lose, there is this thought of ‘of course they did’ and everyone moves on. Denial, anger, blame, guilt and then acceptance.


Jack Jouett said… In a 50-50 race, “finding” votes should be like flipping a coin, roughly half the time, it should come up heads, and roughly half it sould come up tails… The fact that this particular coin has come up “heads” enough times to erase an early McDonnell lead of several THOUSAND votes scares the heck out of me. The mathmatical probability of such a trend has got to be smaller than that of randomly picking the Mega Millions numbers on your first try. Is anybody in the media paying attention to this???? GOPHokie said…(included for context, not a shot at GOPHokie) I’m not too worried. That is, unless the dems try to steal this one like they did out in Washington state last year. Anonymous said… Now down to 347… Something is rotten in Denmark… or, to put it another way, if it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck… Or, to put it another way, GOPHokie, from where I am sitting, somebody already is trying to steal it.

There’s plenty of that out there… That being said, I want to give Chad Dotson and Jaded JD credit for telling their people “calm down, this is all going according to the law.” I’ll say the same thing: Democrats, calm down. No one is going to steal anything. We have Democrats and Republicans at every counting station. To those who suggest conspiracy, I suggest you read this recent post from Shaun Kenney.