I can’t say I disagree with Lowell on Dailykos:

Is Daily Kos “ultra liberal?” Uh, yah!! Don’t believe me, then check out this Pew poll and note the differences between “Dean activists” (basically, synonymous with the Kossacks) and “all Dems” (the vast majority of Dems). For instance, just 27% of “all Dems” say they’re “liberal,” compared to 82% of “Dean activists.” Only 38% of “all Dems” support gay marriage, compared to 91% of “Dean activists.” In other words, there’s a HUGE disconnect between “Dean activists”/Kossacks and “all Dems.” A few others?* 59% of “Dean activists” profess “no religion” or “other.” This compares to just 15% of “All Dems” in those categories*More than nine-in-ten Dean activists (92%) are white and just 1% are African American. Over one-in-five Democrats (22%) are African Americans.”*Only 19% of Dean Activists believe Pre-emptive Force is often/sometimes justified.” In contrast, 44% of “All Dems” believe that.The bottom line: Dean activists are far more rich, white, secular, liberal, gay (twice as high a percentage), educated (twice as high a percentage with some college), and anti-war than “all Dems.”

The lesson here? Liberals quite often forget who makes up the majority of their party…