Advice for Dems: Bash him a bunch, highlight his opposition to abortion and his support for the police state, then for God sakes, quickly confirm him! Bush nominated an even-tempered conservative who is a nice fellow. He’s John Roberts Part II. You won’t win this one in the court of public opinion, largely because you won’t convince anyone that Roe is in jeopardy because it’s not. Kennedy’s shift to the left will keep Roe alive (and furthermore, it’s unclear whether Roberts would even vote to overturn it). First trimester abortion rights are not threatened, but popular restrictions like a partial birth ban and spousal notification are threatened. Personally, I’m rooting for Roe to be overturned. But that’s because I’m a sick calculating partisan bastard. I want it overturned for the same reason that Karl Rove doesn’t want it overturned (also a sick calculating partisan bastard) – it would unleash a Democratic landslide like we’ve never seen. Hey Republicans: Want to create an issue for Democrats to run on in ’08 or at the state level? Overturn Roe v. Wade…see what happens… Final thing for Democrats: Elections matter. If you stop nominating liberal losers like John Kerry, then maybe you’ll get to pick a Supreme Court Justice! Until then: forget it. Newsflash: When the Republicans repeat the talking point, “We confirmed Ginsberg by a 90 to whatever vote”, THEY HAVE A POINT. I’m not ruling out using the filibuster. In fact, I think that the Roe discussion changes the calculus completely. If it was clear that a Supreme Court pick would result in the overturning of Roe, I could understand a filibuster, because sending abortion to the states would fundamentally change America and I can understand Democrats using drastic parliamentary tactics to try to stop things from happening.